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Which Children’s Fashions Are Trending This Autumn?

Kids will be just as eager as their parents to be out and about again this autumn, and that includes seeing their friends and wearing some cool new gear. So just what are the well-dressed kids sporting at the moment? Here are some key looks for young ones this season.

Fun bright colours and prints

After a year of gloomy news, kids’ fashion is taking on a fun bright look this autumn. Brands such as Little A have some bold colours, with dresses, playsuits, dungarees and accessories featuring checks and prints. Reds, yellows, pinks, and greens are popular colours right now.

Prints and patterns featuring nature inspired motifs, such as animals, flowers, the sea, and tropical plants are also putting everyone in a good mood this season. You and your child will love picking out a fun coat or tracksuit to take them through the colder months.

Coordinated family wear

Outfits which show the whole family are a super stylish bunch are on trend right now. This could mean sporting complementary athleisure wear, or mixing and matching cute dresses for mum and daughter. Dads and sons can make a sartorial statement with bright printed T-shirts or long-sleeved tops.

Comfy fits and textures

After a long year in our most comfortable lounging clothes, many of us are not quite ready to shrug off that casual vibe, and that includes kids. There is a move towards practical garments in soft, stretchy fabrics, that are fashionable enough to take them through the whole day. Layer knitted jumpers and bright T-shirts in the variable autumn weather.

Unisex wear

Designers have been picking up on the move away from fixed gender expectations of dress, where little girls wear pink, and boys stick to blues and neutral colours. Nowadays, kids’ clothing is much more gender fluid and many items are now unisex.

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