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How Many Sets Of Clothes Does Your Child Need?

Children seem to get through clothes so quickly.

Whether it is because they get too big for their designer childrenswear due to a growth spurt, or they manage to rip or stain a casual top or pair of trousers whilst playing, it can sometimes feel like the washing machine is constantly on and you are constantly making trips to buy new clothes.

However, as in many other areas, quality often trumps quantity, so you likely need fewer clothes than you think, outside of their school uniforms.

Typically you will want around two weeks worth of clothes, which equates roughly to between 10 and 14 sets of clothes (tops, bottoms, socks, underwear).

This number will vary depending on the amount of washing you do, but assuming a weekly wash cycle for clothes, gives your child a week’s worth of clothes to wear whilst the others are drying.

Typically the majority of their sets of clothes will be casual wear to play around in, such as soft trousers and jeans, as well as a couple of outfits for special occasions.

There is obviously a lot of variation here, as many families will organise their wardrobes differently, and may need more formal outfits if they, for example, attend church every week.

But having around ten outfits for play will mean that no matter what happens in the middle of a wash cycle, whether socks get lost or tops get ripped, there will always be something available in their drawers.

Make sure you have a few spare sets of clothes available in the next size up as well, just in case they have a sudden growth spurt.

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