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How To Efficiently Plan A Children’s Birthday Party

Organising a birthday party for your child can be overwhelming, but breaking it up into smaller and manageable chunks can make it easier to arrange.

Whether it’s one child’s party, or you have several children with birthday’s close together, or even on the same day, we have a look at some tips to help build a timeline for planning your child’s party.

2 Months Before the Party

With your child, decide a theme for the party, and consider how it can be incorporated into the decorations, cake, and party favours. If the date falls onto a weekday, then choose an appropriate date, get a venue booked if needed, and write your guest list.

One Month Before the Party

Buy or make invitations, and get them written and sent out, ensuring you include details such as start/finish times, your contact details, the location, and the theme. Shop for decorations and party favours, allowing plenty of time for ordering online if you can’t find the right items locally.

2 Weeks Before the Party

Decide on a menu, and order your cake, bearing in mind that a bakery might need a longer lead time if they’re busy. You may need to consider babysitters for very young children, or pet sitters if you want any pets out of the way (possibly for their own good!). Make a list of appropriate party games.

1 Week Before the Party

Check with any invitees who have yet to RSVP, and confirm your venue or entertainer, if necessary.

2 Days Before the Party

Shop for groceries, and prep any menu items that won’t spoil before the party. Get presents wrapped, and buy any supplies still needed.

1 Day Before the Party

Your child’s excitement levels will now be reaching fever pitch, so ask them to help decorate and clean the party area, and set up anything that won’t get disturbed.

The Morning of the Party

Confirm any food delivery or arrangements, pick up the cake, and complete the decorations. Set out any party games and party favours, and all you have to do is wait for everyone to arrive!

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